Phat Tracta

All live, all real, no backing tracks and no safety net.

Together this powerhouse trio will ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!

You will remember the time you saw PHAT TRACTA

Check out PHAT TRACTA live HERE

Scott Anlezark,   Lead Guitar and Vocals.
Born and raised in Sydney in the late 60’s Scott began as a drummer in high school at 14 but soon progressed to guitar longing to Be out the front, not stuck in the back..
With over 30 years experience playing in cover bands and support gigs for the likes of JIMMY BARNES, THE RADIATORS and THE CHOIRBOYS, up and down the coast from Sydney to north Queensland.  Scott’s Influences from van-halen to dire straits are plain to see when you watch this energetic guitarist/vocalist apply his trade.  Able to entertain any age group with music from the 60’s to the 00’s, Scott will wow any crowd as he entertains you with his obvious love for what he does as it is plain to see.

Garry(Hoggy)Drumms- vocals,
Born in Newcastle in 67, started playing drums at 14 in high school tutored by drumming legend Danny Davidson. Garry toured with Koo Day Tah in 84/85 and had some success with other cover bands such as Crying Suns, The Terra Planes and Sonic Attack before moving to coffs in 96 where he played in cover bands like Kiilla Kranki, Latitude 33, and corpus mingus..Being influenced from iron maiden, tool and my chemical romance he started his own folk rock originals band called CHEATING SKARLET, Garry has a punchy rock sound that combines well with scott and mark to give a PHAT sound all around…

Mark,Batchelor    Bass Guitar, Vocals.
Born and raised in Coffs, Mark started playing bass in school at age 12. while in high school year 12 he played with cover band” Tax Free”60’s and 80’s rock, then in the 80’s and 90’s he played with local band “ PUNCHLINE”. With influences from bands such as the Eagles Marks solid bass style seamlessly blends with hoggy to give a tight “engine room” style sound for Scott to bounce off, but all three together is just PHAT…

Just a selection of songs the PHAT TRACTA boys cover…

Hurts So Good
Super Freak
Song 2
Blister in the Sun
My Sharona
Jumpin Jack Flash
You May Be Right
Are you Gonna Be My Girl
Stuck in the Middle With You
La Grange
Tip of My Tongue
You Really Got Me
Pretty Woman
…and loads more