Mum Says Rock

Once upon a time there were some old jeans, a black shirt, some guitars and amplifiers, a drum kit and a carton of beer.
They thought it would be a good idea to call up some mates and have a party.
Lee, Craig and Matt were the first ones to turn up.
After a few games of twister, Lee struck up a conversation with the black t-shirt and the left handed guitar and soon were exchanging phone numbers.
Meanwhile, Craig got in a heated argument with a mean looking Bass Guitar about the song playing on the jukebox (it was 500 miles by the Proclaimers). The Bass was getting a bit punchy so Craig slapped it. From that moment on they became the best of friends.
Matt and the pair of jeans were getting real close until Matt got a text message and disappeared. The next morning they found out he’d been banging the drums.

They all met up a few weeks later at the local pub.
Everyone decided that it was one hell of a party and swore that they would re-create it every weekend until the end of time.
They named this party “Mum Says Rock” and all gave the rock salute.

There is on-going investigations into the disappearance of the beer.

Check out a video of Mum Says Rock on our video page

Just a small selection of songs the band plays…

So Beautiful
Steal My Kisses
Wish You Well
Blister in the Sun
What’s My Scene
On My Mind
Funky Music
Counting the Beat
Tainted Love
Radio Star
My Sharona
Jessie’s Girl
Boys of Summer
No Secrets
Place your Hands
The Middle
Small Things
Second Solution
Mr Brightside
Sex On Fire
No One Knows
Monkey Wrench
American Idiot
Joker and the Thief
Teen Spirit
Killing in the Name
Prisoner of Society
Don’t Change
Lonely Boy
Somebody Told Me
Impression That I Get
Better Man
Here without You
Hangin’ by a Moment
Basket  Case

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