Money Shot

Money Shot are a force to be reckoned with, featuring former members of Heckyl & Jive, Mastigma and Jellybaby. The Coffs Harbour 3-piece band deliver a great nights entertainment, oozing charisma and plenty of good vibes. Money Shot always keep the punters excited with a mix of highly contagious covers from a diverse range of artists. Not to mention a chick drummer that will leave you stunned and wondering why you’ve never seen a girl play like that before? Seriously…she’s gonna rock your socks off.

The Line-up:

Bass – Kane Dorrington
Guitar/vocals – Matt Robison
Drums/vocals – Lauren Tarrant

Check out a video of Money Shot on our video page

Money Shot have a huge back catalogue of covers including –
*The Angels
*Cold Chisel
*Hoodoo Guru’s
*Led Zeppelin
*Lynyrd Skynrd
*The Black Keys
*Bob Marley
*Jimi Hendrix
*Red Hot Chili Peppers
*Blink 182
*Midnight Oil
*Violent Femmes
*Foo Fighters
*Paul Kelly
*Stevie Wonder
*Screaming Jets
*Creedence Clearwater Revival
*The White Stripes….etc…etc