Blacksnake Alley

Blacksnake Alley is a four-piece Heavy Rock band formed in Coffs Harbour NSW.
Playing a mix of well-known songs from the seventies, eighties and nineties, along with original songs written by the band, they are sure to make the people dance!
Blacksnake Alley are a force not soon forgotten.

Front man PJ Smith is a singer, songwriter and actor with a hard rock background who leads this outfit with a powerful vocal and presence that can stun the jaded pub goer and keep the crowd entertained. With 20 years experience in music and live theatre, PJ brings a feast of rock n roll to the people.

Guitarist Tony Petselas musical roots lie in Melbourne in the eighties and is influenced by classic rock bands of the era. An amazing live player and prolific writer who has loved the guitar since he can remember, Tony is the power and the glue in this band, bringing together these four musical talents.

Chris Browne on bass guitar and has a background of rock, blues and grunge, such as Black Sabbath and Tumbleweed, but his major influence is Aussie pub rock.
An accomplished musician, Chris shreds the fretted and fret less bass with style and keeps the engine running with solid riffs and heavy grooves.

On drums, Nick ‘Animal’ Townsend has been playing for 35 years with his influences coming from thrash, metal and blues. Bringing high energy and dynamics similar to Iron Maiden and Metallica, Nicks style combines creativity and solid rhythms to form the backbone of the band’s sound.

Song list 2016/2017
Remedy – Black Crowes
Hard to handle – Black Crowes
Pretty vacant – Sex Pistols
Anarchy in the UK – Sex Pistols
Basket case – Green Day
Longview – Green Day
Lil’ Devil – The Cult
Bleed you dry – Grinspoon
Hard act to follow – Grinspoon
Tush – ZZ top
Living after midnight – Judas Priest
Sin city – ACDC
Livewire – ACDC
Hush – Deep Purple
Demons eye – Deep Purple
Black night – Deep Purple
Smoke on the water – Deep Purple
Take a long line – The Angels
Marseille – The Angels
Am I ever gonna see your face again – The Angels
Immigrant song – Led Zeppelin
Roadhouse blues – The Doors
Freak – Silverchair
Raise the alarm – The Living End
Ace of spades – Motorhead
Plus originals and more covers…