Faux Wedding Ceremony

For couples who are already legally married (either due to an overseas wedding or an elopement), holding a public ceremony for your friends & love ones can become difficult. This is because official marriage celebrants in Australia are not legally permitted to ‘re-marry’ a couple in a faux ceremony, without running the risk of losing their licence, or announcing to all your guests that the ceremony is not valid.

This is where Oppy Entertainment can help. Using our 20 year experience as performers, and professional wedding MCs, with assistance from some of the top celebrants in Australia, we can perform a ‘faux’ or ‘fake’ ceremony for you, anywhere in Australia.

We fully customise your ceremony with you (like with a real celebrant),  hold a wedding rehearsal where possible (also like a real celebrant), and perform a ceremony that is indistinguishable from the real thing.  Your guests will never know the difference, and it is up to you how much you advise your guests on the legitimacy of the ceremony.

NB. We have recently been asked to perform a faux ceremony for a couple who just wanted to “get their parents off their back about getting married”. To be clear, this is NOT something we do. We are here to fulfill  a clear need for those who are already married & wish to hold a special ceremony for family & friends without a celebrant having to publicly announce that the ceremony is not valid.

We have performed faux ceremonies in Coffs Harbour NSW,  Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Noosa QLD, Newcastle NSW, Perth WA, with more in advanced bookings.

Please contact us for more information on us supplying you with a fake wedding celebrant, including details on your individual situation. Privacy is ensured.

Testimonials from our previous clients:

“My wife and I have been legally married many years ago, without her parents’ being aware. This has always been a hidden issue for us. So when we decided that it’s time to break the news (without them fainting), we found the best approach was to redo the ceremony.

We searched nearly EVERYWHERE, meeting many marriage celebrants, all of whom confirmed it was impossible to do so. This is where Jordan at Oppy Entertainment came into the picture.

Just when all hope is lost, we found Oppy Entertainment! Jordan offered faux wedding ceremonies in Australia. The very thing we needed to perfect the whole event.

Jordan is extremely well organised and very reliable. The event turned out great, all thanks to him!

We strongly recommend engaging Jordan for his works, should you be in (or similar to) our shoes.”

– 2018 wedding

“I would like to thankyou for coming all the way on such short notice, and for just being so accommodating with everything”

” You did an awesome job. Thankyou again for all your help”

– 2019 wedding