Photobooth Template

Use this form to select your photobooth backdrop, template and text. Please ensure all spelling is correct, as templates are designed in photoshop, and cannot be changed on the day should errors occur in the submission process.

Booking details:

Choose your photobooth backdrop:

If you have booked an OPEN AIR photobooth, the backdrop is the physical backdrop your guests will be standing in front of whilst having their picture taken (does not apply to IGLOO BOOKINGS). Please make your selections of your top 3 backdrop choices. We will endeavour to give you your first selection, but due to limited availability this may not always be the case. Please head to our other website, take a look at the backdrop options listed, and let us know which backdrops are your first 3 choices below (in order).

Please note that not all venues have space for our XL 8ft backdrops, so we recommend our 6ft backdrops for most venues. If limited for space in any way, please check with us prior to selecting one of our XL backdrops.

Choose your template design:

Please head to our other website, take a look at the template options listed, and let us know which template you have chosen, by typing its name in the box below.

Prefer something completely customised? We can create a brand new template just for your event for just $110.00 based on your input (7 days notice required).

Text for photostrips:

Oppy Entertainment takes no responsibility for any incorrect information or spelling entered.

Please ensure the text you choose to include, matches the template option you have chosen.


Add a black leather-bound guest-book to your booking, for just $55? (see photo below)

Additional photobooth hire terms & conditions:

In order to help protect our equipment from accidental damage, please read the below conditions, and click I AGREE to signify your understanding & acceptance that the following must be followed when you or your guests are using our photobooths:

- Children 10 years of age or under must be accompanied by a responsible adult when using the photobooth.
- Heavily intoxicated persons may be excluded from the photobooth if the attendant deems them a risk of damaging our equipment
- No drinks are to be taken into the photobooth, placed on the photobooth or left on our props table. Drinks can be left on an empty table nearby, and we advise asking the venue to have one of these setup closeby.
- A copy of all photos are posted online for clients so that your guests can download a copy of their photo to keep (with the exception of school or children's events).
- If at any time a guest becomes aggressive or abusive to our staff, or to another guest whilst using, or near our photobooth, our attendants have the right to close the photobooth early, and will contact our office for further instructions.
- As per your original booking contract, you agree that any damage made to any of our equipment (including, but no limited to the photobooth, printer, backdrop, props, bollards, flooring) either accidental or on purpose by you or any of your guests, will result in a charge to you for replacement.
- You agree to follow any and all current COVID-19 laws, restrictions & rules put in place by the NSW Health (including any dancing restrictions that may be in place), otherwise any breaches of these rules may result in your booking being terminated early with no refund issued.

Please click below to signify your acceptance to the above photobooth booking terms


An example of our leather photobooth guestbooks…