Music List Submission

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Write 'Oppy Entertainment' if you have booked & paid for us to MC, otherwise please write your MC's full name.

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Time Specific Songs:

Here are your important songs for the special moments throughout your night. Please format all songs as "ARTIST - SONG NAME" These are just ideas, so please don't feel the need to use all them if you don't want them!

Choosing a different entrance song for each couple? Please choose 'Bridal Party Entrance Song' below and write 'Custom entry' in the field next to it. Please then add the songs and couples names in the last form on this page under 'Notes & Instructions'

Dinner Music:

We will play a mixture of modern & classic downtempo tunes, for your guests to enjoy their meals & drinks to, slowly increasing the tempo as the night goes on.

Please note: For those who have their event booked at: Park Beach Surf Club, Coffs Harbour. Due to the normal setup location of our performers at Park Beach Surf Club (on the opposite side of the venue past the dancefloor) we have found it a much better option to utelise the inhouse music the Surf Club provides for dinner. This is mainly due to the entertainers setting up on the far side of the venue away from the guests.

Songs to dance to:

Leaving this section empty, we will play our own mix of new songs & classics, that we find works best with your dancefloor & gets your guests up dancing!
Please format all songs as "ARTIST - SONG NAME" Please only enter 1 song per line.

Not these please!

Enter here any songs, genres or artists you specifically do not wish for the DJ to play

Are you happy for your DJ to take requests from your guests throughout the night?

Whilst we understand and appreciate that your guests will be of a wide variety of ages, our performers like like to get an idea of the approximate age of the couple getting married, as it tells us a lot about what type of wedding we are to expect. Knowing your approximate age group gives us a starting point when preparing our music.