Marquee or Private Property Event

You've been sent this form as your event is being held at a non traditional reception venue like a home, or marquee, and this comes with additional checks.

1. Ensure setup is performed PRIOR to guests arriving on-site.
Due to insurance requirements, we cannot setup our equipment whilst guests are on site. We MUST arrive at the location PRIOR to any guests arriving on site. We have the option of including IDLE hours when available, so please use these when required.

2. Equipment is wheeled in, and therefore a level, flat, hard surface is required.
We cannot push our trolleys, photobooths etc over grass, rocky paths, blocked paths or uneven surfaces. If setting up in a Marquee, our vehicle needs to pull up within 1 metre of where you would like us to setup. OHS prevents us from lifting our HEAVY equipment any further than this. If unsure about the suitability, please take a photo & send it to us so we can check.

3. Access
Not only do we require direct access when setting up our equipment, but all too often we arrive to pickup equipment, and find cars have parked close to our pickup location, and we are forced to park 4 or 5 rows back. Please ensure we have DIRECT access for picking up equipment.

4. Power
WE NEED OUR OWN POWER CIRCUIT. As much as we try and stress this, the amount of times we arrive & find we are sharing a power circuit with a chef, or with the main marquee lights is astounding. Both our photobooths & our DJs are running computers. Computers are the most highly sensitive items you will have plugged into your generator, and therefore the power CANNOT fluxuate for them. Please ensure a circuit is provided JUST FOR US!

5. Undercover
All of our equipment takes some time to setup, and therefore if exposed to the elements also takes some time to packup should it start raining. It is due to this, that we have the concrete rule of never setting up in a location that is exposed to the elements. This includes GRASS or DIRT (a section of flooring is required if we are to setup a photobooth inside a marquee. It also means we will not setup on a covered patio UNLESS the patio extends over 3M out from the main building. We are only looking out for our equipment. We are sorry, but a tarp is not considered sturdy enough to act as a cover.

6. Steps
Even if it's just ONE. Please let us know if your property has ANY steps (this includes from outside, to inside a house).

Please note; We don't have these terms to make it difficult on our clients, but we recently had an employee hurt their back as they had to carry a 70KG photobooth across grass, as the property had no path to the setup location. We want to ensure this does not occur again.

Failure to meet any of the above criteria may see our staff not being able to setup upon arrival, so please check with us prior to your event, to ensure this does not occur. If we arrive & find any of the conditions are not followed as above, we reserve the right to not setup & keep your payments.