The Photojuke


The Photojuke®  is a brand new entertainment option for your next event, designed for those on a tight budget, and is exclusive on the Mid North Coast to Oppy Entertainment.

To put it simply, we’ve combined all the socialising of a photo-booth and all the fun of a jukebox, into one unit!

About the Photojuke®

Instead of hiring a jukebox, band or DJ, then hiring a separate photo-booth, we’ve combined the two into one unit! Yes, not only will the photojuke take care of your dancefloor with music, you and you’re guests can also enjoy all the fun of a regular photobooth! We’ve estimated by combining the two into one machine, that it will save our clients anywhere from $600 to $2000.

In the Photojuke® package you get…

  • The Photojuke® (Jukebox and Photo-booth in one) for up to 5 hours
  • Powerful speaker for amplification of the music to the dance-floor
  • Microphone for speeches and announcements
  • Dancefloor coloured lighting effects
  • Studio lighting & backdrop for the Photojuke
  • Instant prints for your guests
  • USB stick at the end of the event that contains a copy of all the photos taken
  • Includes delivery/setup/packdown within the Coffs Metro area

The jukebox side

  • Our touchscreen jukebox is completely digital, with over 10,000 songs ranging from the 60s, right up until the latest hits today.
  • Includes a powerful 1000watt speaker for your dance-floor, a wired microphone and coloured dance-floor lighting….. everything you need to kick-start the party!
  • We have pre-loaded our own 4 hour ‘dinner’ playlist, so you wont have to worry about queuing up music over dinner.
  • Once the party starts, guests can cue up their song choices to dance to, or if no songs are chosen, the jukebox will automatically revert to playing from its internal ‘party playlist’ This is a list of the most popular dance-floor fillers hand selected by us!

The photo-booth side of things

  • Up to 150 double prints for the duration of the hire (At an average rate of 1 print every 3 minutes, it would take you over 7 hours to take this many!, however we can change this to unlimited prints for a small additional fee)
  • Instant photos prints on our professional dye-sublimation printers in under 16 seconds! Doubles of each photo are printed on 2×6 inch prints, so one can be kept by the guest, and one pasted in a guestbook
  • Studio lighting & backdrop provided.
  • A copy of all of the photos will be given to you on USB stick at the end of the event to keep.
  • Comes with a small pack of props, however our advanced props package (hats, wigs, glasses etc) is also available.

Price includes delivery, setup, an operator for the evening & pack-down, all within the Coffs metro area.

If you would like to know more, please send us a message through our contact form below. We look forward to welcoming your enquiry.

5 hour package – $950+GST