Sno Cone Machine

A perfect hire to raise some cash.
Great for market days, fetes & fundraisers, and hire with or without an operator!

Sno Cone machines are fantastic as your not limited to just one flavour, unlike slush, slushee and slurpee machines. Just crush the ice and add whichever flavour you desire. Therefore, catering for all taste buds! No waiting for the ice to form at the beginning of your event, like the slush, slushee and slurpee machines. What happens when the product runs out? With the slush, slushee and slurpee machines you have around a 45 minute wait for more product to be produced in the machine. With the sno cone machine, just crush more ice. It’s that simple!

Expos, exhibitions or trade shows, attract potential clients/customers with sno cones. Or attract customers to your Grand Opening or Sale Day. Don’t forget at fetes, festivals or sporting events just to name a few, sell the sno cones and   make a profit. Setup of the equipment is quick and easy, taking only 5 – 10 minutes! Hire the equipment with or without an operator.

Machine is supplied with:

  • 3 flavours
  • Snow Cone Cups
  • We can supply the ice, or bring your own
  • With or without an operator

When making your enquiry, ask us about our 142L Giant Cooler to store your ice!

Bag ice is typically sold in an 3kg bags and based on the standard snow cone cup, you should be able to get about 20-25 servings per 3kg of ice cubes. Keep in mind that ice melts and your yields will vary according to temperature & handling