Hash Tag Printer (InstaBooth)

Put a photo booth in all your guests’ hands!

The InstaBooth is a beautifully designed, social media hashtag printer for your event. Instagram a photo, tag it with your event hashtag, and InstaBooth will print it seconds later (no wires, no extra software). It’s like magic!

The InstaBooth takes up just a small amount of room in the corner of your function room, our InstaBooth & printer can fit onto a small 4ft trestle table.


The Instabooth is so simple to use. Take a photo with your smartphone and, if you like, add a filter… then you’re ready to go!

(Let’s be honest, people love a good  photo of themselves these days, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the ball rolling).


Once you’ve taken your photo, upload it to your own Instagram account and tag it with your event hashtag. The magic begins once the photo is uploaded.


Once your photo has been uploaded and #hashtagged… boom! Like magic, your photo will print out from the InstaBooth (with all your fancy branding and design wizardry around it).

It’s that simple. Shoot it, tag it, print it.

Unlike traditional photobooths, no attendant is required to stay with the InstaBooth, which saves you money!


InstaBooth is used by big brands for awesome activation’s, as well as by groups of family and friends in the most intimate of settings, weddings and parties. It’s used by social people at social events!